Bylaws of the Utah Society for Healthcare Communications

and Marketing



The name of the organization shall be the Utah Society for Healthcare Communications and Marketing (USHCAM).




The mission of the Society shall be to help its members network with other professionals and to explore new ways of approaching healthcare communication and marketing.  This shall be accomplished by:


  1. Promoting educational opportunities, personal growth and recognition for society members.


  1. Promoting and enhancing the professional status of healthcare communications, marketing and public relations disciplines within an institution and within the professional field.


  1. Addressing institutional environments and external issues affecting the professional fields and serving as a healthcare marketing communications and public relations resource.


  1. Promoting networking opportunities for professionals within and outside the healthcare disciplines.






Section 1.  Eligibility.

Membership in the Society shall be available to individuals who are professionally active in the fields of healthcare communications, marketing or public relations, and to individuals who advocate or support the objectives of the Society.


Section 2.  Types of Membership.

The members of the Society shall consist of:


  1. Active membership shall be available to persons who are employed in said disciplines with a healthcare interest embracing the three Society disciplines.


Section 3.  Change in Membership.

A member who changes institutional affiliations or employer shall retain membership during the remaining term for which dues have been paid. Dues are payable annually to the Society. The member may the transfer his/her membership under new affiliation at the beginning of the new term.  Membership in the Society is nontransferable.





Annual dues shall be established by the Board of Directors based on the needs of the organization.  Additional dues may be charged only with the approval of the majority of the voting members.  All dues shall be paid directly to the Society.  No portion of the dues shall be refundable because membership is terminated.  Any funds or property that may be donated to further the work or programs shall become the property of the Society, but shall be used for the purpose designated by the donor.





Section 1.  Annual and Special Meetings. The Society shall meet at least annually for the transaction of the affairs of the Society.  Special meetings may be called by the majority of the Board of Directors.  Special meetings shall be limited to the consideration of subjects listed in the official call of such meetings, unless it is otherwise ordered by the majority of the members present and voting.  The secretary of the Society shall notify the membership by mail or emailof annual, regular, or special meetings no less than 15-days prior to the date of the meeting.  The frequency of ‘regular’ meetings shall be determined by the Board.


Section 2.  Order of Meetings.

The Society shall adopt regulations for conducting meetings and may be amended as necessary by a majority of those present and voting at the annual meeting.


  1. Conducting Meetings.  The president of the Society shall preside at all meetings.  In his/her absence, the president-elect shall assume the chair.  Meetings should be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order – Revised, unless they are in conflict with the bylaws of the Society.


  1. Member Voting.  Where an issue is presented requiring a decision or a consensus vote, all matters shall be settled by a simple majority vote.  A quorum shall consist of no less than 40 percent of the total eligible voting membership, based on the number of members established as of December 31, of the preceding calendar year.  All active members in good standing shall have the right to vote.  Proxy voting shall not be permitted.  Voting by mail may be used.  In such cases, the secretary shall count all mail votes postmarked no later than five (5) calendar days from the meeting date.



ARTICLE VI – Officers and Board of Directors


The Society Board of Directors shall consist of president, past-president, president-elect, secretary-treasurer, and a minimum of five board members-at-large.


Section 1.  Eligibility and Terms of Office.

Only those active members of the Society in good standing may be nominated to serve as an officer or board member.  In a ‘normal’ cycle, the president-elect shall serve three years – one-year president-elect, one-year as president, one-year as past-president – to maintain leadership continuity.  The secretary-treasurer and members-at-large are both one-year terms of office, unless re-elected.  The Board shall have authority to fill any vacancy that may occur on the Board (other than president-elect), by appointment of an eligible Society member of the unexpired term of office – subject to approval of a majority vote of the membership present at the meeting.


Section 2.  Powers and Election.

The Board shall have the responsibility to develop purposes, plans, programs, and objectives for the Society.  They may establish standing and/or ad hoc committees in line with the objectives of the Society.  The Board shall review the recommendations of the committees and prepare them for membership vote if action is required.  The Board shall establish the date, location, format, and program of the Society’s annual meeting and/or educational programs.  The Board may recommend liaison relationships and committee memberships with organizations, agencies, or associations related to the Society’s purpose.  The Board shall plan programs and related budgets from funds available to the Society.


A ballot listing candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be mailed or emailed to each eligible voting member of the Society at least three weeks before the annual meeting.  The votes shall be tabulated by the secretary-treasurer and reported to the Board and ratified at the annual meeting at year’s end.


Section 3.  Duties.

The president shall act as chairman of the board and preside at all Society meetings.  The president-elect shall perform the duties of the president in his/her absence and shall serve as chairman of one of the society’s committees as needed.  The past-president shall serve as chairman of the Nominating Committee and see that the election of officers and board members, eligibility, and membership directives are adhered to.  The secretary-treasurer shall maintain financial records and be responsible for meeting minutes.  The member-at-large may be assigned as chairman of a committee and given other duties by the president as needed.  The president shall be responsible to give a report at the annual meeting of a summary of the year’s activities and accomplishments and an accounting of Society funds. 




The Society may establish as many committees as it deems necessary to accomplish overall objectives, and includes, but is not limited to the following:


  1. Nominating Committee.  Shall consist of at least three active members, presided over by a chairman (past-president).  The committee will receive recommendations of prospective candidates during the fourth quarter of the year in preparation for the ballots to be mailed out prior to the annual meeting.


  1. Programs Committee.  Shall consist of at least three active members taking the responsibility for educational, motivational, instructional meetings, conferences or workshops.  It shall be chaired by one of the members of the Board.


  1. Award of Excellence.  Shall consist of at least three active members responsible for developing member recognition, achievements or awards to further both individual members and/or the professional disciplines within the industry.  It shall be chaired by a member of the Board.


  1. Golden Spike.  The president may appoint special committees as authorized by the Board and/or for the purposes that arise compatible with Society objectives.


  1. Membership shall consist of at least three active members taking responsibility for recruiting and maintaining Society memberships.






The USHCAM shall be affiliated with, but not limited to, the Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association and the related professional societies of the American Hospital Association; namely the Society for Healthcare Strategic Marketing and Development (SHSMD).  Utah Society members shall be encouraged to participate in these State and national organizations. 




These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of the membership.  Notice of the proposed amendments shall be mailed to all active members not less than 15 days prior to the next Society meeting at which action will be taken.



Revised:  2/15/06

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