Board of Directors

Kathy Wilets–President
Associate Director
Office of Public Affairs
University of Utah Health Care
Phone: 801-581-5717

Lance Madigan–Past President
Public Information Officer/Risk Communication Coordinator
Utah County Health Department
151 South University Avenue, Suite 2700
Provo, UT 84601-4427
Phone: 801-851-7531

Marissa Villasenor–President Elect
Public Affairs Associate
Office of Public Affairs
University of Utah Health Care
Phone: 801-581-3102

Jill Vicory—Secretary/Treasurer
Director, Member and Community Affairs
Utah Hospital Association
2180 S. 1300 East, Suite 440
Salt Lake City, UT  84106
Phone: 801-486-9915

Doug Boudreaux
Marketing Director
HCA MountainStar
6985 Union Park Center, #500
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047
Phone: 801-568-5927 Fax: 801-568-5990

Dane DeHart
Communications Specialist
Primary Children’s Medical Center
Phone: 801-662-6591

Audrey Glasby
PR Director
MountainStar Healthcare
Phone: 801-568-5934

Vanna Livaditis
Public Relations Specialist
ARUP Laboratories
Phone: 801-583-2787 ext. 3635

Dixie Madsen
Public Education Coordinator
Intermountain Donor Services
230 S. 500 East, Suite 290
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Sandra Orton
Communications Specialist
Primary Children’s Hospital
Phone: 801-662-6592


  1. Laura Walsh says:


    I am trying to join your organization using my credit card through PayPal. I have tried three times and it comes back with a message that says “Invalid Profile”. Do you have any suggestions for getting this processed?

    Laura Walsh
    Regional Director of Marketing
    Iasis Healthcare

    1. USHCAM says:

      Laura–I am sorry for the problems with our website. We have now disabled this function as the Paypal account link was giving us more trouble than assistance. I have received your check payment and have added you to our mailing list for information on future events, job openings and other healthcare-related communications info. I look forward to meeting you at sometime in the near future. –Jill Vicory

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